Kris T. Force

Kris Force is a electroacoustic composer, performer and visual artist living and working in the San Francisco bay area and exhibiting and performing internationally. She is a solo artist and a collaborator with select groups and individuals. Force works across several mediums including music, sound, drawing, painting, performance, video and digital technologies. Predominant themes in her work include embodiment, materiality and remediation. The transformation of media characteristics through processes of decay, duplication, pausation, juxtaposition, materiality, signal and transmission, and the possibility of capturing the liminal moment of transformation, is an ongoing inquiry. Force engages both old and new mediums, classical techniques and new technologies. The nuances and implications of these juxtapositions intrigue her as well as the thresholds between human and material agency. Force is interested in the medium taking on its own intelligence, apart from her creation, thereby employing improvisation techniques, human actors, living signals, generative algorithms, real time data streams and sympathetic resonances.